Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Boutique Scene: Passport

2003 11th Street NW
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Seriously. If you could take your passport and go anywhere, WHERE would you go? How about home. That's what the owner of DC boutique Passport, Kourosh Chitsaz, did. When he wanted to open up a boutique in the U St. area with an international feel, he decided to open it up in his home.

That's right Kourosh renovated his home in Northwest Washington, DC and made it into a hip and trendy boutique with a unique concept. After working in the UK in the fashion industry, Kourosh found himself in Washington, DC living in a historic row house next door to his family owned restaurant and club Bohemian Caverns.

From his conveniently located home, he managed the DC landmark. After Bohemian Caverns underwent a management change, Kourosh decided to turn his home into "Passport" which opened May 4th, 2008.

The DistriCt interviewed Kourosh Chitsaz about Psssport, here's what he had to say:

DISTRICT: How did you come up with the name Passport

KHOUROSH: Well, in order to travel every person needs to carry a passport. It's a form of personal identification, but the pages also tell a story about where that person has been and what they are about. A passport is a reflection of a persons individuality and that is what the Boutique is all about: Individuality.

DC: How do you decide what designers/merchandise you carry?
KC: The designers are hand picked from all around the globe in order to give the customers a sense of uniqueness.Therefore, I try to pick designers that are not in the mass market.When a customer buys a piece from Passport, they generally will not see anybody in Washington DC with the same style.

DC: What's the most fabulous piece/item you have in the store right now?
KC: Well for ladies, I have a gorgeous yellow dress from an Australian designer that is to die for, it is perfect for the warm weather.As for men, it is hard to identify one piece, there are so many... I would have to say the linen jacket with the funky layered collar by one of the European lines.

DC: How do you stay ahead of the competition?

KC:I stay ahead of the competition by not following trends and continually looking for styles that our outside the box.

DC: What can a shopper expect from a "Passport" experience?

KC: Customers can expect a relaxed atmosphere without pressure and there is always a martini or espresso waiting to be served. For the busy ladies and gents, Passport provides a Personal Shopping Service, this allows the customer to sit back and be pampered.

Check out pictures of Passport's unique space below...

Kourosh's former living room now serves as the men's floor Upstairs on the women's floor, Khourosh has kept the exposed brick indicative of DC row houses

Every space of Passport is used as merchandising space

Kourosh does a great job with using unique merchandising techniques; like this distressed leather trench on the back of this rocking chair.

The second floor bar allows customers to have a drink while they shop

Cool details like antique chairs adorn the space.

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